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Rubin Stein (Spain, 1982) is one of the 10 SPANISH FILMMAKERS ON THE RISE 2018 by VARIETY. He’s a creator of film, video, branded content, photographs, art and experience. Coming from a Circus family he got a BS in Telecommunication Engineering, specialized in Image and Sound and a BA in Audiovisual Communication, specialized in Cinema.

His short films have been screened at more than 400 international film festivals (from the USA to China) and have received more than 50 awards worldwide, highlighting the Golden Méliès Nomination for the Best European Fantastic Short Film. He’s also directed some TV shows, created some artistic videos for the Opera and has been curator of an exhibition focused on the evolution of the music video at the LABoral Art Centre in collaboration with Universal, 40Tv and Telefonica.

His work is defined by enigmatic visual narratives and a powerful and atmospheric mis-en-scene, always commanding profound aesthetic and symbolic elements to illuminate story. This approach has been praised in kind, with the media defining him as a “cult filmmaker” and as “Hitchcock’s best disciple”.

Rubin is currently developing some feature film projects while involved in other works related to music, advertising, photography, art and television. In 2018, his feature project “Tin & Tina” is one of the 13 projects selected for ‘Frontières’, organized by the Fantasia International Film Festival and the Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes.